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wholesale handbags new york There’s something to be said for totes. While they admittedly aren’t always the most fashionable bags in any designer’s lineup, they truly are a necessity at times. When you have a lot to carry and simply don’t want to be seen as a bag lady, a tote is a way to go. Find the right tote and it will stay in your closet for years to come. That’s how I feel about my Louis Vuitton Neverfull. It’s been everywhere with me and carelessly thrown around a little more than I would like to admit. (I usually take very good care of my babies!) My only complaint is that it doesn’t zip—I hate the exposed feeling when I’m carrying my Neverfull around the city. Well, the Goyard Artois MM Tote solves that problem.

I took this beautiful Goyard Tote for a spin through Brooklyn one day last month, and I was pleasantly surprised with how much I loved it! I styled it alongside a blk dnm millennial pink leather jacket and my trusty Adidas Superstars, making this classic tote feel fun and interesting.

wholesale handbags suppliers I’m head over heels in love with this tote for a few reasons: I love that it zips, for starters, and the size is also pretty perfect. My laptop comes everywhere with me—it kinda goes along with the territory—and I love that this tote was able to hold my laptop in its sleeve, along with everything else I needed for the day! It’s the perfect travel bag, too, and would work really well for a carry-on! The Artois MM Tote features a top zip, a single inside pocket, reinforced corners and light, water-resistant Goyardine canvas. Overall dimensions are 15.5″ x 9.5″ x 5.5″. Available in 11 colors, it retails for $2,535 and is available at Goyard boutiques nationwide.

I LOVE this bag and it holds a lot. The color is great. I got my initials on it that took a week but it was worth it.
Hi Salicia, I’m looking to purchase the Artois mm in green as well this weekend. How do you like it?? Do you love the green??

wholesale handbags usa My husband surprised me with a weekend trip to the Goyard store in NY for my birthday. I went in and fell in life with the Artois. Got the green for my birthday. Was a little concerned about all the negative comments about how sturdy the bag is but decided to get it? What made me really appreciate it was going to Saks and spotted 10 LV neverfulls (yes I counted) but not 1 Goyard.

I have one too, and I love it! The reinforced corners and the structured-ish bottom is a plus!

wholesale handbags usa only Thanks for sharing this! I have been eyeing on this bag for quite some time, just not sure about the size – the original size seems too small to fit a 13″ laptop, but the MM seems a bit large for my 5’2″ frame…Decisions decisions!

What about the classic Longchamp bags? What happened to them? 🙂

when I picked up my new one this past fall I saw this one but I couldn’t spend the extra money – it should have been like 200 $ more

I saw a few women with this bag. One that stuck out to me was how floppy it was as I saw a woman put hers on the counter to pay for her items. I thought that it was more structured like a Neverful.
Love the print. I’ve always found it striking.

Over the top expensive to adorable and affordable, we’ve got something for everyone

wholesale purses for resale Though it seems like just yesterday we were trekking through mountains of dirty NYC snow, it seems that summer is finally here. With the upcoming holiday weekend, we thought there was no better time to explore the best of the best designer beach bags. Four of our favorites are below, straight from the beach.

Goyard Belharra Beach Tote
$1,750 via Goyard Boutiques Nationwide
This chic Goyard beach tote can do no wrong in my eyes! Lined in Goyardine canvas, this sophisticated tote is completely reversible. Perfect for toting around beach necessities, it is also durable enough to toss in a wet swimsuit at the end of a long beach day thanks to its water-resistant Goyardine interior! Paired with a Goyard Bain de Soleil beach towel ($240 via Goyard boutiques nationwide), this is the beach duo of our dreams.

wholesale replica designer handbags free shipping Kate Spade Large Pom Pom Market Tote
$298 via Shopbop
This Kate Spade pom tote is just too cute to pass up. Large enough to fit in all of your beach needs, yet small enough that everything is easy to find, the size is reason enough to snatch up this beach bag! Add the pom poms, tassel and adorable script writing, and you’ve got yourself a beach tote that will stand out amongst the crowd. Styled alongside a pair of tortoiseshell sunnies like this pair from Karen Walker, and suddenly you’re the most fashionable girl at the beach.

Céline Large Cabas Phantom Tote in Canvas
$1,850 via Céline
wholesale replica designer handbags in bulk This canvas and linen tote from Céline is both stylish and functional. Large and roomy, it’s perfect for carrying around one or two beach towels, alongside everything else you may need for a day in the sun. This bag is even big enough to double as an overnight bag for a weekend getaway! It gives me serious #CélineDreams. Shop Céline via Vestiaire Collective.

Stella McCartney Circle Logo Beach Bag
$225 via Shopbop
wholesale replica designer handbags The most basic of the bunch, this Stella McCartney beach tote is fashionable and functional without being totally in-your-face. We here at fake handbags can’t say no to a little bit of logo love, and this beach bag gives us just that. It’s is super roomy—definitely the roomiest of the four bags—but with an interior zip pocket, I wouldn’t be afraid of misplacing my keys or my sunglasses inside.

A lot of the content we create falls much more into the dream category than not! It’s not that we’re trying to appeal to the Instagram millennial, but we know we have readers who love designer bags and I know some of them carry expensive bags to the beach/pool/etc.

replica handbags I said this above too, but I just posted about a Vera Bradley beach bag a bit ago that I have been using at the beach and it’s affordable and great! If I were to go to the South of France and was hopping onto my yacht, I’d love that Goyard or Celine bag… just saying!

First started reading PB a few years ago and really enjoyed all the original content but I am guessing the trend of going for all thing millennial is happening here too. First, the food review that is a must go because it’s good for Instagram, then the review of a ridiculously priced Goyard bag because it’s the perfect Instagram summer pic bag…and now these so call reasonably priced beach bags… Still, enjoy the blog and love all the hard work you guys put in but pls stick with what started this blog not just what’s the most instagrammable bag

Love dreaming. That’s why I come to PB. On my imaginary yacht, that Goyard will be in the crook of my arm. Hmmmm where is my cocktail lol

Exactly!! We’re just dreamers over here! I know what I have and I know where my priorities lie (not bags right now, my focus is on Millie), so I pretend I’ve got a yacht to hop on.

Of course, after I get off of my private plane 😉

In our imaginary world, we’re carrying these bags onto our yachts of course 🙂

handbags replica I posted a Vera Bradley bag recently that I’ve used as a beach bag and LOVE. It’s under $200 and really a great bag!

With the exception of the Stella McCartney bag, I love all of them. I just can’t imagine carrying a $300 bag much less a $2000 bag to the beach along with a $300 pair of sunglasses and a $240 towel. Ironically, the SM is the most practical, but waaaaaay overpriced for what is a $5 bag that one can get from Hobby Lobby.

wholesale handbags los angeles These would be better served at maybe a pool party in which the invitation says dressy casual. Astaire has been a resale site in France/EU for many years. It has just begun to have a US office/presence. It did not spring out of anywhere.

I’m not comfortable with this VAST AIRE COLLECTIVE site – I feel like they hired YouTubers to increase their prominence so I’m skeptical

All luxury brands preach about their rarity and exclusivity, but few of them have the nerve to be elusive and discreet in any of the numerous ways that Goyard has been for centuries. The brand doesn’t advertise, list products on its website or speak to the media, and you’ll never see a splashy Goyard product launch or fashion week party. Goyard doesn’t want to attempt the extremely common fashion industry balancing act of claiming its products are rare and precious and still trying to sell $300 cardholders to every person on Earth; the brand would simply rather not sell the cardholders.

wholesale fashion handbags That sort of public relations austerity can make Goyard hard to pin down for shoppers new to the handbag market or even experienced bag collectors who are simply looking to Goyard for the first time. To set you up with the basics, we’ve created a guide to what you need to know about the brand as a company. Once you’re ready to shop, check out our primer on the brand’s most in-demand design, the Goyard St. Louis Tote.

1. Goyard is the oldest leather goods maker still in business.
The company was founded in Paris in 1853, just one year ahead of the more widely known Louis Vuitton. The house’s existence under the name Maison Martin (after founder Pierre-François Martin) dates back to 1792, but François Goyard purchased the company (which was by then called Maison Morel) from Martin’s successor and renamed it in 1853.

2. Goyard’s signature Y print is symbolic, not literal.
Goyard’s monogram print is probably the most recognizable thing about the brand, and unlike most designers, it doesn’t use its first initial to structure the pattern. Instead, the interlocking Ys of Goyardine (the brand’s signature coated fabric) is the name’s central letter, and the piled dots that construct it are a symbol of the Goyard family history as log-drivers.

3. Goyardine is no longer hand-painted, but personalizations are.
Back in the day, Goyard’s signature print was hand-applied to all the coated canvas used to make the brand’s bags. Now that process is achieved through mechanized etching and layering of dye, but personalizations (which require an extra fee) are still hand-painted by a Goyard artisan in one of the house’s handful of global ateliers: Beverly Hills, New York, Mexico, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Brazil or Carcassone, France.

4. replica handbags china free shipping worldwide Goyard is the only major luxury brand that doesn’t sell anything online.
Seriously, nothing. The brand only has four product categories–travel goods, men’s and women’s handbags and accessories, pet accessories and special orders–and none of that is available for purchase on your computer, either from the brand itself or from authorized third-party retailers, like department stores.

5. Goyard also doesn’t make it super easy to buy its products in person.
Until 2015, the only standalone Goyard boutique in America was in San Francisco. There’s now one in New York, but with those two and a couple of store-in-store boutiques at Bergdorf Goodman and Barneys, there are fewer than half a dozen places to buy Goyard in person in the United States. By contrast, Hermès has 24 US locations and Louis Vuitton has 108, and both sell significant portions of their product lineups on their websites.

6. As you might have surmised, Goyard is maybe the most notoriously reclusive brand in the ever-democratizing luxury handbag landscape.
The brand rarely grants interviews to press outlets either print or digital, although it did invite us into its East 63rd Street flagship in New York City to photograph the store before it opened to the public aaa replica designer handbags, cheap replica designer handbags online. Goyard is still privately owned, which means it lacks the board of directors and shareholders that push most brands to scrounge endlessly for new customers and new products to entice them. The brand seems mostly interested in satisfying its existing clientele which, of course, has its own sort of draw for luxury consumers hungry for exclusivity.

7. Goyard does occasionally answer consumer questions on social media, though.
Now we have a definitive answer about Goyard fanny packs, and earlier this year, the brand weighed in on the authenticity of a Goyard jacket DJ Khaled wore to perform a the VMAs. First Goyard proclaimed it fake, but then softened that proclamation to simply “unofficial”–the brand doesn’t make jackets, but it does make silk scarves, which Khaled bought in order to have the jacket custom-made.

8. There’s a book about Goyard’s history, but you have to go to Paris and make an appointment to view it.
Only 233 copies (a reference to 233 Rue Saint-Honoré, the address of the brand’s Paris headquarters) of the extremely limited-edition Goyard book were printed, and copies came with their own storage trunks. The book is no longer available, of course, but if you wish to view it, that can be done via an appointment at the brand’s French flagship.
9. Goyard will let you special order pretty much anything.
The request has to be up to the company’s standards for its own products, of course, but if you’ve got the imagination and the bank account to back it up, Goyard’s special order workshop can make trunks and travel pieces in just about any configuration or concept. Perhaps the most famous example is a trunk that turned into a portable writer’s desk, which Goyard made for Sherlock Holmes creator Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

10. Not much has changed at Goyard in the past several decades.
The biggest recent changes I could find were some differences in the availability of certain colors of Goyardine. The brand prides itself on consistency and discretion, and unlike most fashion houses that pay lip service to those values while doing relatively little to demonstrate them, Goyard walks the walk by sticking with it is excellent, tightly edited product assortment, abundant personalization services, and subtle public image. That makes for a genuinely unique shopping experiment in today’s luxury leather market, which is exactly what its clients are looking for.

replica handbags china Thank you for an excellent piece on the legendary Goyard. They know their market and clientele and haven’t lost sight as so many others have what people built and buy the brand.

It is precisely because of their honest exclusivity …remaining discreet, offline and most importantly of all this social media garbage that they remain the ultimate in fine goods.

replica designer handbags suppliers I really enjoyed this an article – most informative indeed. Love the pictures…Goyard is sooooo fascinating! Please continue to provide more great reads like this one. When Hermès re-released the Fortunio clutch several months ago, we discussed an essential element of the brand’s appeal that often goes overlooked when people talk about that particular brand of Hermès magic: hardware. Now, a new bag is here to prove our point: the Hermès Cinhetic Clutch is now available online for the first time, and like the Fortunio, it has a special clasp that lends an otherwise simple bag a special touch.

The Synthetic Clutch is part of a larger line of bags, all of which feature the same signature H hardware. This clutch version is the only part of the line available for purchase on the Hermès website so far, although the full selection appears to include a mini crossbody bag and a top-handle, based on a thread on the new bags on our knockoff handbags.

The clutch is easily the simplest bag of the line; it’s a little over 7″ wide, and the interior compartment features one pouch pocket against the back walk of an otherwise open compartment. It’ll probably hold your phone, your keys, and a slim card case just fine, like most similarly structured clutches.

cheap wholesale handbags Right now, the available clutch comes in three colors, and the price varies a bit depending on leather and hardware. In Mysore goatskin with single-tone Palladium hardware, it retails for $5,050, and in Villandry calfskin with tri-tone hardware, it retails for $5,350.

Gorgeous and sleek, but too expensive for me to feel comfortable carrying.
Hermes makes LV seem reasonably priced, which is probably why so many of us gobble up their bags.

The marketing team at Hermes is excellent at hyping up boring bags to a crowd of rich ladies. Let’s be real: this clutch costs 25€ to make… the rest is all about the orange box and chocolate ribbon. I can hear Hermes executives laughing all the way to the bank.

cheap replica designer handbags online Love the beautiful angularity of the design. Of course, it always scares me to bump the corner and lose that sharp edge look and you can’t exactly baby bump proof the city of New York. Oh, the challenges of being a fashionista!

The mixed metal version of the hardware is to die for. Unfortunately, the rest of the design is a little too simple for me to justify the price tag.

The model is not that bad but doesn’t worth this price tag I can get a new fake handbags classic flat or cappuccino Lv for that price, that will look more bag to me. plus I notice that when Hermes take a bag out of the market the price reduce considerably, the only Hermes that hold the price is Birkin, Kelly, and Constance, so better keep my money and stay in a waiting list for one of this 3.

I love the black clutch! Beautiful! I saw it on their website before, I really love it and I also add it to my Pinterest bag board.

aaa replica designer handbags Last month, you saw the resurgence of the @knockoff handbags account on Instagram, and we asked YOU to share your snaps with us. We’ve loved scrolling through your #BagsofTPF tags and seeing all of your stunning collections, so keep it at. You just might see your photos on @knockoff handbags or here on fake handbags!

Jacqueline, better known as @j_que_, on the ‘gram, caught our eye with her many Hermès Constance bags. A self-described fashion-loving mom, Jacqueline loves sharing her daily outfits with over 10,000 followers. Upon further investigation, we saw that her collection was so much more than her beautiful Constance bags. Not only does she love a good classic Constance, but she also has collected her fair share of Birkins and Kellys, as well as some timeless fake handbags bags. She told us that she loves the versatility of a Hermès or fake handbags bag because it’s easy to incorporate them into her casual mix of high/low fashion. We just can’t get enough of her classic pieces and chic, casual-cool style, and we needed to find out more about her.

fake handbags: Why do you love handbags?
Jacqueline: Oh the magic of a handbag…it’s definitely the icing on any outfit! On top of that, a bag is a form of self-expression and personal style that allows us to express ourselves in many ways. By personalizing our bag with a bag charm, keychain, or scarf we each have our own way of showing off our personality. There’s something for everyone, from classic styles like fake handbags or Hermès to spunky styles with fringe & studs. A bag, in my opinion, is a girls best accessory.

PB: What was your first designer bag and how old were you when you got it? Why did you want that bag replica handbags, handbags replica, replica handbags china free shipping worldwide, wholesale fashion handbags, wholesale handbags los angeles, wholesale handbags new york, wholesale handbags suppliers?
J: Wow, this seems a lifetime ago…my first bag was a Dooney & Burke bucket bag. I was about 15 years old and I used all of my allowances and babysitting money to get it! D&B was the hottest brand at the moment…well at least among the girls at my high school!

PB: Which bag is your favorite and why?
J: This one’s easy…my favorite bag is my special order Bleu Electrique Birkin 30. I absolutely love blue bags and this one encompasses all of my favorite blue hues from Hermès, blue electric, bleu suit and blue sapphire. With such a beautiful fusion of blues, it’s no surprise that this is my favorite bag! To me, the bag is even more special because it was my first special order. I was able to customize & pick out all of its specs. This bag is my baby and it goes along with my casual chic style.

PB: What is the oldest bag you have in your closet? Would you ever part with it and if not, why?
J: The oldest bag in my closet would have to be my fake handbags, Diana. It’s also my very first high-end designer bag that was given to me by my husband (boyfriend at the time). It is by far the most carried and favorite of my fake handbags bags. I just love everything about it… the size, color, shape, and the craftsmanship, it truly can’t be compared to the ones today. This bag is so sentimental to me that’s why it’ll be staying around for a very long time.

PB: What is the next bag you plan to get and why do you want it?
J: I’m super excited for my special order bag I have come from Hermès! I’ve been waiting 13 months for it and I’m hoping that it will come very soon! Fingers crossed wholesale purses for resale, wholesale replica designer handbags free shipping, wholesale replica designer handbags in bulk, wholesale replica designer handbags!

PB: Do you typically purchase bags that you’ve wanted for a while, or are you more of an impulse shopper? Do you see it, love it and buy it immediately?
J: I’m going to have to say both! When I’m purchasing a high-end bag like fake handbags or Hermès I’m a little more calculated with my purchase because of the price point of these bags. I want to make sure that it’s exactly what I want before I buy it. But on the other hand, when I see a bag that’s just screaming my name I just can’t help myself! I have to take it home! Girls got to have balance in her life ya know wholesale purses for resale, wholesale replica designer handbags free shipping, wholesale replica designer handbags in bulk, wholesale replica designer handbags, replica handbags, handbags replica?! 😉

A handbag is definitely the icing on the cake! Totally agree with everything she said.

Love the collection and how you mix it up in your outfits! Usually, someone with that collection will be stuffy and showy but you just style very chicly

I bet she’s a pioneer in the fields of technology or science and supports her husband and children.

Love J- been following her for a long time she has amazing style!!

The Hermès Birkin is the most iconic and sought-after handbag in the world (even if you don’t like it, it’d be hard to argue otherwise), and that means most fashion lovers have already absorbed a lot of information about how it was conceived, how it’s made and how hard it is to get one. There’s always more to the story, though, even for those of us who spend many of our waking hours thinking, talking, reading and writing about luxury bags.

Below, we’ve unearthed some fun facts that are likely known only to the most ardent of Hermès lovers wholesale fashion handbags, wholesale handbags los angeles, wholesale handbags new york, wholesale handbags suppliers, wholesale handbags usa, wholesale handbags usa only. Even if you fit that description, check it out–you never know when you might learn something.

1. It all happened because Jane Birkin’s husband purposefully ran over her signature basket.
The 1981 story of Jane Birkin sitting next to Hermès CEO Jean-Louis Dumas on an airplane and all her things falling out of her bag is by now the stuff of well-known fashion legend, but the detail about why she was carrying that bag often gets left out. In 2012, Birkin told the London Telegraph that it was because her husband, Jacques Doillon, had gotten in his car and deliberately run over the woven basket she usually carried two days prior. I guess jerk husbands are good for something after all.

2. The original Birkin design was sketched on a barf bag.
I guess that’s what happens when an idea is born on an airplane.

3. Jane Birkin only uses one of the bags at a time; she’s on her fifth.
Although the Birkin became a symbol of old school, old money wealth for women who collect them like coins or postage stamps, the woman it was named after has an entirely different view on the bag. Jane uses a single Birkin in a neutral color until it is wrecked; only then does she get a new one and auction the used bag for charity. While in her possession, she decorates the bags with patches, charms, and other personalizations to make the bag less formal and “snobbish” (her word) and more in line with her very casual French style.

4. Hermès gives Jane Birkin a nominal royalty for the use of her name per year, which then goes to charity.
Originally, Birkin accepted a free bag in exchange for the use of her name. Although she’s still not a paid ambassador or face of Hermès, the brand does now give her an annual payment for use of her name, which she donates to charities of her choice. In 2012, the Telegraph reported that amount at £30,000.

5. Birkins have been made in more than 20 shades of blue alone.
When you envision a Birkin, your mind might go directly to the bag’s popular neutrals, but the bag has been made in a veritable rainbow of colors. According to the BBC, in the 31 years since its debut, the bag has been produced in at least 25 distinct blues, including popular classics like Blue Jean, Mykonos and Bleu Roi cheap replica designer handbags online, cheap wholesale handbags, replica designer handbags suppliers, replica handbags china, replica handbags china free shipping worldwide.

6. A Birkin takes 48 work hours for one artisan to make.
All Hermès bags, not just Birkins, are constructed by a single artisan in one of Hermès’s ateliers; it’s a more traditional approach to manufacturing than the one used by most brands, which have different people to work on different aspects of handbag construction. And although “48 hours” may sound like just two days, that’s 48 work hours–more than a week for a single bag on a regular full-time schedule.

7. Each Hermès artisan has a personal set of tools.
Because of the range and depth of skill needed to work at Hermès and the personalized nature of its handbag manufacturing, the brand’s artisans don’t use just any old’ tools when they arrive at the shop in the morning. According to the Telegraph, every artisan employed by the brand has his or her own set of tools, which the person takes with them when they retire. A little bit different situation than you and the pens at your office, eh?

8. The most expensive Birkin ever auctioned cost almost a quarter million dollars.
The bag in question is made of fuchsia porosus crocodile with diamond-encrusted, 18k white gold hardware. It was sold to a phone bidder at a Christie’s auction in Hong Kong for $221,844 in June 2015, according to the Wall Street Journal.

9. Birkins are a little more available than you think.
Tales abound of interminable wait lists and customers who buy other Hermès products in hopes of building a relationship with a sales associate at a boutique and being offered a bag, but sometimes you can walk right into a store for the first time, ask nicely and get lucky. (Megs did cheap wholesale handbags, replica designer handbags suppliers, replica handbags china, aaa replica designer handbags, wholesale handbags usa, wholesale handbags usa only!)

10. The name of the elusive “Himalayan” Birkin refers to a color, not an origin.
You could probably have figured this one out if you thought through it, but a surprising number of people think the name of the super-rare, extremely covetable Hermès Himalayan Crocodile Birkin is somehow tied to the origin of the crocodiles from which it’s made. Crocodiles tend to like warm weather, though, and the Himalayans are, uh, quite cold. Instead, the name refers to the bag’s unique colorway; it’s said to look something like a snow-topped mountain. Judge the one below for yourself.